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Benim müzik zevkimi bilenler bilir güzeldir bence :))) Benim şöyle bir listem var DVD'de topladığım şarkılar olaraktan paylaşmak istedim :) Ayrıca bu şarkıların hepsini satın almış olmanın (birçoğunun albümü var) haklı gururu içerisindeyim :)))) Ne lan! satın aldım tabe! sısın lan! dağılın! :D

Killswitch Engage - Daylight Dies
Ayreon - Dreamtime
AMORPHIS - My Kantele (acoustic Reprise)
Secret Garden - Nocturne
Crematory - When Darkness Falls
Yann Tiersen - J'Y Suis Jamias Allé
Lacrimosa - Alleine zu zweit
Lake Of Tears - So Fell Autumn Rain
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Rather Lovely Thing
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Your Funeral My Trial
VOLBEAT - Caroline leaving
Children of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
Sonic Syndicate - Aftermath
Manowar - Blood of My Enemies
Leaves Eyes - Elegy (Single Version)
Stratovarius - The Kiss Of Judas
Dream of the dragon - Track 1
Dolores O'riordan - Ordinary Day
Draconian - She dies
Essence Of Sorrow - Face of death
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Prodigy - Smack my bitch up
Soilwork - Rejection Role
Primordial - The Golden spiral
Volbeat - The human instrument
Darkseed - Walk In Me [Unreleased]
Darkseed - I Turn To You [Mel C cover]
Darkseed - Watchful Spirit's Care [Re-Recording]
Darkseed - Hold Me [Unreleased]
Angra Feat. Floor - No Pain For The Dead
AMORPHIS - Goddess (Of The Sad Man)
Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting For You
Stratovarius - Forever
Manowar - Brothers Of Metal Pt1
Booth And The Bad Angel - Dance of the Bad Angels
Primordial - Dark Song
Ensiferum - Warrior's Quest
Riverside - Out Of Myself
Draconian - Daylight misery
Dolores O'riordan - When We Were Young
Soilwork - Exile
Amorphis - House Of Sleep
Malanie C - I Turn To You
Norther - Drowning
Saliva - Broken Sunday
Alcest - Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde
Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness
Katatonia - Day
Poets Of The Fall - Carnival Of Rust
Killswitch Engage  - The Arms of Sorrow
AMORPHIS - The Orphan
Sum 41 - Were All to Blame
Darkseed - Counting Moments
Ensiferum - Kalevala Melody
The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin
Prodigy - Diesel Power
In Flames - Only For The Weak
In Flames - Scorn
Amorphis - Leaves Scar
Evig Natt - My Demon
Mercenary - My World Is Ending
Poets of the Fall - Late Goodbye
Disharmonia Mundi - Red Clouds
Amorphis - Silent waters
Soilwork - Weapon Of Vanity
Suidakra - The ember deid (part II)
Primordial - The Song of the Tomb
Lake of Tears - Waiting Counting
Deep Purple - Child In Time
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene 2
Poets Of The Fall - Locking Up The Sun
AMORPHIS - Tuonela
Killswitch Engage  - Unbroken
Killswitch Engaged - When Darkness Falls
Iron Maiden - Blood Brothers
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Falling
Axxis - Heaven in Black
HIM - In Joy And Sorrow
Dream Theater - Peruvian Skies
Threshold - Sheltering Sky
My Dying Bride - She Is The Dark
Amorphis - Born From Fire
Primordial - End of all Times
Evig Natt - In My Death I Dream Of You
Killswitch Engage  - My Last Serenade
Leaves' eyes - Into your light
Lake of Tears - Like a Leaf
Norther - Midnight Walker
Saliva - King Of The Stereo
Soilwork - Your Beloved Scapegoat
AMORPHIS - Far From The Sun
Heaven laid In Tears
Killswitch Engage  - My Curse
Agalloch - Not Unlike the Waves
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The River Flows Frozen
Darkseed - Autumn
Children of Bodom - Mask Of Sanity
The Scorpions - Wind Of Change
Sonic Syndicate - Enclave
Riverside - Loose Heart
Suidakra - A Runic Rhyme (Acoustic)
Leaves' Eyes - Leaves' Eyes
Axxis - will god remember me?
Draconian - The morningstar
Opeth - Face of Melinda
Gamma Ray - Blood Religion
Killswitch Engage  - Life to Lifeless
Norther - Evil Ladies
Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle
Soilwork - Nerve
Alcest - Sur L'autre Rive Je T'attendrai
Primordial - The Coffin Ships
Therion - Son of the staves of time
Amorphis - Under A Soil And Black Stone
Antimatter - Angelic (Part One)
In Flames - Clayman
AMORPHIS - Divinity
AMORPHIS - Drifting Memories
My Dying Bride - For You
Crematory - Just Words
Sonata Arctica - Shy
Dream theater - Through her eyes
Darkseed - Give Me Light
Stratovarius - Papillon
Ensiferum - Finnish Medley
Sonic Syndicate - Denied
Amorphis - Her alone
Prodigy - Mindfields
Norther - Omen
Saliva - Going Under
Saliva - greater than-less than
Draconian - Akherousia
Black - Wonderfull life
Blind Guardian - The Bard's Song - In The Forest
Ayreon - Day Seven: Hope
Karl Sanders - Dreaming Through The Eyes Of S
Drowning Pool - Love and War
Dark Tranquillity - Insanity's Crescendo
Agalloch - Our Fortress is Burning... II - Bloodbirds
Oliver Shanti & Friends - Sacral Nirvana
Children of Bodom - Somebody Put Something In My Drink
Dream Theater - Through Her Eyes
Riverside - In Two Minds
Axxis - don't leave me
Ambeon - Ashes
Therion - Trul
Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms
Dus Sokagi Sakinleri - Hic Bilemem
Bruce Dickinson - Tears Of The Dragon
AMORPHIS - Veil Of Sin
Olivier DeRiviere - Who Am I?
Darkseed - Rain Of Revival
Riverside - The Curtain Falls
Suidakra - Gathered In Fear (Acoustic)
Axxis - lady moon
Anathema - flying
Prodigy - Firestarter
Killswitch Engage  - Temple from the Within
Lake of Tears - Planet of the Penguins
Saliva - Black Sheep
Suidakra - The distant callt
Essence Of Sorrow - Trail of tears
Axxis - Tears of the trees
Killswitch Engaged - Breathe Life
Dht - Listen To Your Heart
Evanescence - My Immortal
Darkseed - Echoes Of Tomorrow (Acoustic Version)
Darkseed - Forever Stay
Axxis - My Little Princess
Ensiferum - Victory Song
Mortal Love - Beautiful One
Sonic Syndicate - All about us
Stratovarius - Coming Home
HammerFall - Glory To The Brave
In Flames - Insipid 2000
Crematory - Say Goodbye
AMORPHIS - Summer's End
Darkseed - Waiting
Darkseed - Waiting
Axxis - stay by me
Amorphis - Black river
Mors Principium Est - Into Illusion
Norther - If You Go
Ensiferum - Battle Song
Mercenary - Sister Jane
Darkseed - Endless Night
Darkseed - Every Day
Darkseed - Winter Noon
Children of Bodom - Bed Of Nails
uidakra - Farewell
Dus Sokagi Sakinleri - Olumler
Meat Loaf - I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth)
Katatonia - Omerta
Soilwork - Martyr (Bonus Track)
DIO - Rainbow in the Dark
Mike Oldfield - Let There Be Light
Oliver Serano-Alve - High And Higher
Children of Bodom - Aces High
Katatonia - Sweet Nurse
Nightingale - Alonely
White Lion - When The Children Cry
In Flames - Cloud Connected
in flames - pinball map
Akira Yamaoka - Waiting For You
Tyler Bates - Message For The Queen
whitesnake - is this love
My Dying Bride - My Hope, The Destroyer
The Cranberries - Daffodil Lament
nick cave & kylie minogue - where the wild roses grow
The Cranberries - When You're Gone
The Cranberries - Cordell
Various - Megadeth / Holy Wars ... The P
The Cranberries - Promises
My Dying Bride - For My Fallen Angel
Moby  -  Wispering Wind
lou reed - perfect day
Light of Aidan  -  Lament
The Cranberries - Stars
europe - carrie
The Cranberries - Joe
Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do
Placebo - Every You Every Me
The Cranberries - Fee Fi Fo
Dreadful Shadows - Obituary
Ebolax - Alone in my Arms
Anathema - Everwake
Anathema - Angelica
Anathema - Forgotten Hopes
Anathema - One Last Goodbye
Anathema - Parisienne Moonlight
Anathema - Judgement
Anathema - Wings of God
Anathema - Anyone, Anywhere
Anitmatter - Saviour - 03. Over Your Shoulders
Anitmatter - Saviour - 06. Angelic
Anitmatter - Saviour - 09. Going Nowhere
Antimatter - The Weight Of The World
Antimatter - Epitaph
Antimatter - Relapse
Antimatter - Dream
Axel Rudi Pell - The Temple Of The Holy
Axiss - Angel Of Death
Ay Gozu Yasli Bakar
bruce dickinson - man of sorrow
Bruce Dickinson - Tears of The Dragon
Annihilator - Carnival Diablos
Celesty - Kingdom (Reign Of  Elements)
Cem Karaca - Çok Yorgunum
Crematory - Revolution
Crematory - One
Crematory - Caroline
Dave Meniketti - Loan Me a Dime
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
Deep Purple  -   When A Blind Man Cries (Mach
Ronnie James Dio (Vocals) - Dream On
Dr. Alban - Hello Afrika
Draconian - The Amaranth
Unbelievable Truth - Dune Sea
Ensiferum - Lost In Despair
Ensiferum - LAI LAI HEI
Ensiferum - Tears
Enya - Somebody Said Goodbye
Eternal Tears of Sorrow - Nocturnal Strains
Fair Warning  - Burning Heart
Darkseed - Forever Darkness
Gamma Ray - Heaven or hell
Gamma Ray - Solid
Gamma Ray - It's A Sin
Gamma Ray - Heavy Metal Universe
Guns'n Roses - Don't Cry
Heart  -  What About Love
Helldorado - A Drinking Song
HIM - Join Me
Mavi Sakal - Iki Yol
Iron Maiden - Afraid To Shoot Strangers
Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark
Iron Maiden - Judas Be My Guide
Iron Maiden - Stranger in a Strange Land
Iron Maiden - The Trooper
Iron Maiden - 2 Minutes To Midnight
Iron Maiden - The Clairvoyant
Killswitch Engage - Dio - Holy Diver
King Crimson - Epitaph
Lake of Tears - A Crimson Cosmos
Lake of Tears - A Trip With the Moon
Lake of Tears - Forever Autumn
Lake of Tears - Headstones
Lake of Tears - Hold On Tight
Lake of Tears - Lady Rosenred
Lake of Tears - Raistlin And The Rose
Lake of Tears - Sorcerers
Lake of Tears - The Organ
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
Lordi - Get Heavy
Lordi - Devil Is A Loser
Lordi - Would You Love A Monsterman
Lordi - Blood Red Sandman
Lordi - My Heaven Is Your Hell
Deep Purple - love conquers all
Megadeth - Paranoid
Mercenary - 11 dreams
Mercenary - Rescue me
Mercenary - Loneliness
Mercenary - Music non stop
Metal Church - Losers In The Game
Metal Church - Hypnotized
Metal Church - Waiting For A Savior
Metallica - Nothing Else Matters
Metallica - Unforgiven
Mike Oldfield - Crystal Clear
Mike Oldfield - Muse
Mike Oldfield - Embers
Mike Oldfield - From The Ashes
Mike Oldfield - The Song Of The Sun
Mike Oldfield - Celtic Rain
Mike Oldfield - Women Of Ireland
Mike Oldfield - The Voyager
Norther - Frozen Angel
Norther - No Way Back
Norther - Close Your Eyes
Nothing Else Matters (Apocaly - Nothing Else Matters (Apocaly
Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger
Opeth - Harvest
Pearl Jam - Black
PILGRIMAGE -  land of ecstasy
Primordial - Gods to the Godless
Primordial - Empire Falls
Primordial - As Rome burns
Primordial - Heathen Tribes
Primordial - Traitors Gate
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)
Scorpions - Do you say a pray
Scorpions - Still Loving You
Scorpions - Wind Of Change
Secret Garden - Dreamcatcher
Secret Garden - Prayer
Secret Garden - Dreamcatcher
Secret Garden - Evensong
Secret Garden - Fairytale
The Secret Garden - Nocturne
The Secret Garden - Pastorale
Soilwork - Shadowchild
Soilwork - Demon In Veins
Starsailor - Love is Here
Suidakra - Rise Of Taliesin
Suidakra - Serenade To A Dream
Supertramp - The Logical song
Testament - D.N.R. (Do Not Resuscitate)
Testament - Eyes Of Wrath
Testament - 3 Days In Darkness
Testament - Dog Faced Gods
Testament - Low
Opeth - To Bid You Farewell
UFO - Belladonna
Vangelis - Dervish D.
Opeth - When
While Heaven Wept - Soulsadness
While Heaven Wept - From Empires To Oceans
Wolverine - And She Slowly Dies
Wolverine - Taste Of Sand
Darkseed - Follow Me
Darkseed - Sleep Sleep Sweetheart
Riverside - After
Antimatter - Lost Control
Karl Sanders - Awaiting The Vultures
Axxis - Living in a world
Killswitch Engaged - Bid Farewell
Dark Tranquillity - The Mind's Eye
AMORPHIS - Day Of Your Beliefs

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